Scope of business

Intellectual property litigation

Ø &Nbsp; trademarks, patents, and prosecution of copyright infringement, the respondent, the survey.

Ø   trade secrets

Ø   trade secret protection programme formulation and implementation planning

Ø   trade secret protection system design and drafting text

Ø   secret licensing, transfer of technology, investment services

Ø   trade secret infringement investigation

Ø   secret infringement lawsuit

Ø   noncompetition agreement dispute resolution and litigation

Ø   other intellectual property legal services

Ø   goodwill and trade name protection

Ø   famous product-specific packaging and decoration right protection

Ø   Internet domain names and General Web site protection

Ø &Nbsp; integrated circuits layout-design registration agency

Ø   Register of new plant varieties and protection services

Ø   Suppression of unfair competition in investigation and litigation

Ø   IP Counsel

Ø   enterprises business information

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