Proprietary knowledge
1, under section 15th of the regulations for the implementation of the trademark law, trademark registration and other relevant documents shall be typewritten or printed. For hand-written applications for trademarks, the Trademark Office was inadmissible; 2, the trade mark applicant's name and address should be completed in accordance with the license, if the address is not located in the license of province, city and county names, which the applicant must address before the provincial, city and county name. On behalf of the applicants official seal should be exactly matches the name on the business license registration; 3, goods or services shall be in accordance with the classification of goods and services or the discrimination of similar goods and services the Nineth Edition of the complete canonical name, a copy of the application can fill in only one class of goods or services. Classification of goods or services not included in the name and description of the goods or services shall be attached. 4, if the applicant is a natural person, apart from the name, the name of the applicant, must also fill in the ID number name; address of the applicant can fill out the physical address or mailing address of natural persons. 5, if it is a three-dimensional trademarks and registered trademarks is not a color combination trademark, the applicant should be in the trademark category column "General" box in front of "√". 6, check carefully before submission of applications applications submitted shall not be changed. Fill in error are required to provide the correct trade mark application/registration forms (Book VII) and pay 500 Yuan fee, the applicant, the goods or services and trademark pattern may not change. VI trademark registration fees paid in a class of 10 product or service within each trademark registration fee 1000 Yuan, 10 more (excluding 10), each with more than one, are subject to a 100 Yuan. Entrusts a trademark Agency, the applicant should pay the trademark agency fees and fees for trademark registration, the Trademark Office received trademark registration fees deducted from the advances of the trademark Agency.