Proprietary knowledge
Patent applications for inventions, utility models and industrial designs of three types. For products, and method or improved by proposed of new of technology programme, can application invention patent; for products of shape, and structure or its combined by proposed of for practical of new of technology programme, can application practical new patent; for products of shape, and pattern or its combined and color and shape, and pattern of combined by made of rich beauty and for industrial application of new design, can application appearance design patent. 2. the patent application submitted application documents?
apply for a patent for invention, application documents should include the following: patent request, description (if necessary there should be photos), claims, abstract and drawings, two copies of each.? Invention patent applications involving amino acid or nucleotide sequence, instructions should be included in the sequence listing and the table as a separate part of the description submitted, should also be submitted to meet the requirements of the State intellectual property office records the sequence table a CD or floppy disk.? Applications for utility model patents, applications should include: a request, a description, a description of utility model patent drawings, claims, abstract and drawings, two copies of each.? Apply for a design patent application documents shall include: appearance design patent request, drawings or photographs, two copies of each. Demand color and color shall be submitted in two copies of drawings or photographs. Submit pictures, two of which shall be as a picture, submit your photo, two of which shall be for photos, images or photographs must not be mixed. Pictures such as pictures or I need to explain, you should submit a brief description of the design, a duplicate. 3. the patent register the legal effect of the patent register is the patent office specifically designed to register the patent procedures and changes in the legal status of a patent document. Patent after the patent right is granted, anyone can request to the Patent Office issued patent register a copy of the patent. Request issue a copy of the patent register shall pay a fee (charged by each patent). Copy of the patent register in the same patent-related economic or legal affairs activities as proof of legal status of a patent document. 4. how to handle patent applications patent applications should submit the necessary documents and pay fees. Patent applications must be made in writing or electronic application form. Cannot use oral statements or provide samples or models, instead or omit a written application file. In the patent approval process only the written document has legal effect. Various files should be on the required signature, the signature should be entirely consistent with the name or title of the book, fill in the request. Signatures not be copied. Procedures involving the transfer of rights, shall have all the applicant signing, other procedures can be handled by the signature of the applicant's representative, appointed a patent Agency, should be handled by the patent agency seal. Application procedures to attach documents or attachments, or copy the original supporting documents and annexes should be used, copies shall be used. If only one copy of the original, you can use the copy, but need to be accompanied by a notarized copy of the certificate issued by the certificate consistent with the original. 5. applications and how to apply for the documents submitted the invention or utility model patent application documents shall be arranged in the following order: the request, abstract, abstract drawings, claims, description, instructions drawings and other documents. Design patent application documents shall be in accordance with the requested books, pictures or photos, a brief description of order. Each part of the application documents shall be numbered with Arabic numerals, respectively. 6. paper requirements for application documents?
application paper quality shall be equal to quality of copier paper. Paper may not have useless words, signs, boxes, lines, and so on. Documents are A4 size (210 mm x x297 mm) paper. Application papers should be vertical, using only one side. The text should be arranged from left to right, paper 25 mm blank space top and left, right and below should be 15 mm gap in order to publish and review purposes. The first page of each part of the application documents must use the forms established by the State intellectual property office uniform. These forms can be accepted to the Patent Office, patent Agency around to obtain or download directly from the State intellectual property Office website. 7. text and writing requirements of application documents?
used in each part of the application documents that are Chinese characters. Foreign names, place names, and if there is no unified Chinese translation of technological terms, should be marked in English or the original. Annex to the applicant or certificate is in a foreign language shall be accompanied by a Chinese translation, application documents, including requests, should be typed or printed in italics or Tahoma fangsong Ti, writing in black, the word height should be between 3.5~4.5 mm row spacing should be between 2.5~3.5 mm. Request a duplicate file, one for the original and a copy should be used. Figure of the application documents shall be written in ink and drawing tools to draw, or mapping software, the lines should be even clearer, should not be altered. 8. patent application content uniformity requirements a invention or utility model shall be limited to one invention new patent applications or utility models. Belonging to a single general inventive concept to two or more inventions or utility models, may be filed as one application. A design patent applications should be limited to a design used in one product. For the same class and sets the sale or if you use two or more designs may be filed as one application. 9. application to fill out and write?
written application to fill out and have specific requirements, applicants can complete or writing, may also appoint a patent Agency to handle. Although appointed a patent agent is not mandatory, but considering the importance of well-written application and approval procedures of legal rigour, to less experienced applicants, appointed a patent agent is advisable.? 10. acceptance of patent applications patent filing Office Agency upon receipt of the patent application or patent, the admissible applications will determine the filing date, application number, issued a notice of acceptance. Personally accept the Patent Office by the applicant or the patent application documents of the Agency, to review whether the application is admissible, admissible for the accepted procedures.