Proprietary knowledge
(A) application for retrieval of documents and background materials related to the project. For example, with the patent application or similar at a similar project files, documents, journals, drawings, etc. Delegate applications for invention patents in China is the best prior patent search, otherwise, the application project in the application review process is likely to be rejected. (B) applications written by technical data, such information should include the following elements: 1, apply for a technical field of project and the scope of application, and the technical implementation and application in the same or similar technical measures, the effects of technology, method or manner; 2 the invention applying for project purposes, those technical issues need to be addressed. 3, with text and photo description to achieve the applications developed in detail the purpose of technical measures, technical characteristics. As: by application project of is a products, technology measures and the technology features is refers to: products of structure, and the parts of connection, and layout, and mutual relationship and the they in by application project in the by up of role, the parts between of combination way and detailed of dynamic way, by application of is a method, technology measures and technology features is refers to of process, and process parameter and the process in the about details. In addition, you should also provide project-specific instances at least (this does not refer to a specific instance of a model or physical, but specific examples of photos and captions only through drawings and words cannot describe the applications of technology measures may provide models or in kind, to illustrate the theme applied for). Drawings shall be provided by carbon pen on A4 paper, surface should be text, border line and dimension lines, dimension, the available number of parts and components (1, 2, 3, ... ...), and write down on a piece of paper each marking represents the part name. 4, the application of experimental data, results, or in the trials generated phenomena; 5, concrete examples and practical (trying) to test conclusions, advantages and disadvantages of an objective description of the invention. If there is no data, or the conclusion, inventor of inventions should be an objective analysis, inference invention may have advantages and disadvantages; 6, inventors think the applications with existing technology in the technical characteristics of the different place; 7, inventors believe should belong to the technical contents of the secret.