Proprietary knowledge
(1) the review stage after the Patent Office receives the application, if it is admissible, the Patent Office will determine the filing date, application number, and after verifying the file listing, send acceptance notice, notify the applicant accordingly. If application file not typing, and printing or handwriting not clear, and has altered of; or drawings and the pictures not with drawing tool and black ink draws, and photos blurred has altered of; or application file not complete of; or requests book in the deficiency applicants name or name and the address unknown of; or patent application category not clear or cannot determine of, and foreign units and personal without foreign patent agent institutions directly sent to of patent application not accepted. (2) the preliminary examination stage patent application after accepting payment of application fee in accordance with regulations, automatically move to the stage. Invention patent application must first conduct a confidential review before the trial, the need for confidentiality, confidentiality procedures. In the first trial, was to conduct a review of whether the application is obvious defect, including reviewing whether no patent shall be granted in the scope of the patent law, apparent lack of technical content does not constitute technical programmes, lack of uniformity, application documents are complete and whether the format meets the requirements. If the foreign applicant eligibility and application procedures may be done review. Unqualified, the Patent Office will notify the applicant within the period specified in the corrections or remarks, fails to reply to the application will be considered withdrawn. Replies have still not defective, be rejected. Patent application and qualified in the first instance, trial notice will be issued. For utility model and design patent applications, in addition to the reviews, will also be examined and whether it has patented the same, is not a new technology or a new design, the trial found no cause for rejection. Will go directly to the authorization order. (3) the release phase of invention patent applications published from issue a trial notice to enter stage, if the applicant has not raised publicly in advance of requests, to wait for the expiration of 15 months from the date of filing to enter the public procedure. If the applicant requests advance public, the application will immediately enter the public procedure. After formatting the review, editing, proof-reading, computer processing, typography, about 3 months after publication in the Patent Gazette published its abstract and instruction booklet. After the publication of the application for, the applicant obtained a temporary protection of rights. (4) substantive examination phase after the publication of the application for a patent for invention, if the applicant requests examination as to substance has entered into force, the applicant entered the real procedure. Keep years from the filing date if the applicant fails to make the real request or actual request did not take effect, applications have already been withdrawn. In the real trial will have on patent novelty, creativity and practicality, as well as other substantive conditions to conduct a comprehensive review of the provisions of the patent law. Upon examination, considers that licensing conditions are not met or the presence of defects, will notify the applicant within the prescribed period of time making a statement or make changes, fails to reply, application considered to be withdrawn, after repeated replies application still does not meet the requirements, be rejected. Real cycle is longer, is not authorized within two years from the date of filing, from the third year should pay application maintenance fees each year, fails to pay the application will be considered withdrawn. Substantive examination found no cause for rejection, by entering the authorization procedures. (5) the authorization phase utility model and design patent applications after preliminary examination after examination as to substance the invention patent application found no cause for rejection, authorized by the Inspector notice apply to authorized registration prepared by authorized legal validity and integrity of the text to be reviewed, to proofread the patent bibliographic project, revised, the Patent Office issued letters of authorization and registration notices, Shall, within 2 months after receiving the notice of the applicant in accordance with the requirements for registration and payment of the prescribed fees, schedule of registration, the Patent Office grants patents, patent certificates issued and recorded in the patent register, and notice in the Patent Gazette, after 2 months, not complying with the provisions of the registration procedures, considered giving up patent rights.