Proprietary knowledge
Request for patent rights and claims, is based on the patent application specification, illustrate the technical features of the invention or utility model, and write clearly and briefly requires the scope of patent protection, and under certain conditions or several separate patents. Request for patent rights shall have an independent claim, and may also have the dependent claim. An application for patent rights in the request, shall include at least one independent claim, and may also include a dependent claim. An independent claim shall outline the invention or utility model of main technical contents and records meet the technical features of the invention or utility model. Independent claim by a preamble portion and a characterizing portion, and the technical content of the preamble states that inventions, features some clearly state the technical features of the invention. Dependent claims should be protected by additional technical features, refers to the right to demand further qualifications. Function and role of patent rights is an important technology in patent applications in the request file and core parts of the patent application document, which acts as a kind of intellectual property instruments, has a strong law, have strict limits on the time limit or format. Request for patent rights its main role is to determine the scope of the applicant sought patent protection, is the basis for determining whether infringement of others. Also, technically, the patent rights outlined in the request invention or utility model has the technical substance of programmes, so writing patent applications claim to be very discreet, must comply with the legal norms and technical requirements. After examination and approval, the request for patent rights once it has legal effect. Independent claim text structures independent claim text format consists of two parts: a preamble portion, description of the invention or utility model belong technology and existing technology and the technical features of the invention or utility model topic close. Features section, explain the technical features of the invention or utility model. These two parts together form to protect the technical features. An invention or utility model has at least one item to take claims written on the first page request for rights. Dependent claims text structure dependent claim text format divided into two parts:. reference sections, giving references to the stated number. a characterizing portion, indicating the technical features of the invention or utility model is attached, refers to some of the technical features for further qualification. As a dependent claim may be more than one, there are several available digits sequentially numbered. Notes Optional written request for patent rights should pay attention to the following points: 1. Must comply with the law, an invention or utility model has only one independent claim, need to write an independent claim, and dependent claims. There are several claims of Arabic numbers should be used. 2. the right to request technical terms used on patent application specifications used on the line can be chemical or mathematical formula, but there should be no illustration. In proposing a design patent application, submitted claims in the book to have designs of pictures or photographs, a duplicate. 3. the right to request in writing to tight and accurate, language must be simple and standard. Do not use certain words and advertising phrases, you should use qualified selected words. Rights require typing or printing of the text in the request.